Örebro University (ORU) currently ranks among the top 500 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education 2022. For a few years now, we have also been included on the Shanghai ranking (ARWU) and most recently on the Leiden ranking. Close ties between teaching and learning, research and collaboration, are the mutual starting points for all activities. ORU offers many attractive professional degree programmes in, among others, medicine, psychology, law and engineering. The university has strong research within the fields of medicine, psychology, environmental science and computer science.

Being a driving force for societal and regional development, ORU has close contact with the industry, organizations, and cultural institutions. For more about ORU:

The SWEG 2023 will be organized by the Informatics department for the 4th time – the birthplace of SWEG ! Informatics department is one of four departments/subjects (Business Administration, Economics, Informatics, and Statistics) belonging to the Örebro University School of Business within the Faculty of Business, Science and Engineering. The school is accredited by AACSB, the largest and most important recognition for business schools globally. The Informatics department provides teaching and research at the intersection of technology, organization, and business administration. In addition to teaching academic programs in information systems on all levels, the department maintains close relations with the practitioners.

The department is strongly involved in the following research centre:

The Centre for Empirical Research on Information Systems (CERIS) develops knowledge about information systems’ possibilities and limitations when it comes to supporting the way people work in, manage and develop businesses. Information system includes information technology (IT), people and processes. More precisely, it can be expressed as a system in which information is collected, stored, processed and distributed using IT to support communication and activities within or between organizations.

CERIS conducts research in a number of application areas to understand the possibilities and limitations that information systems have in the challenges above:

  • AI/automated decision-making
  • eHealth
  • digitalization of government
  • digitalization of developing countries
  • crisis management
  • information security
  • digitalization of school
  • systems development methods

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The city of Örebro is situated in the heart of Sweden, about halfway between Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is easily accessible by major roads, railways and by air. From the Örebro region, everything Scandinavia has to offer is within easy reach. The population of about 150,000 makes it the seventh-largest town in Sweden.

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