The University of South-Eastern Norway will be hosting SWEG2025.

SWEG2025 will be hosted at campus Vestfold, by the Digitalization Management research group.

The campus is located outside Tønsberg and be accessed by bus from Tønsberg (line 02 – starts at Tønsberg train station and the campus stop is called “Bakkenteigen”. You can download the VKT travel app for tickets.

The University of South-Eastern Norway has around 17.000 students, spreat out across 8 campuses from Rauland in the mountains of Telemark to the Vestfold coast. We offer IT education at all levels from bachelor to PhD, and currently have around 600 students enrolled in IT-related study programmes at the school of business.

USN emphasises interdisciplinary teaching and research, and the research group on Digitalization management has a strong emphasis on public sector-related research especially in health, public sector innovation and democracy. We are currently part of the organizing committee of the Norwegian Conference for Public sector ICT.

The local hosts from the Digitalization Management research group (Marius, Lasse, Tove and Eiri) welcome you to the two days workshop where the discussions in the well established SWEG-workshop series can flourish and inspire the participants.

There are many choices for nearby hotels. We recommend booking a hotel in Tønsberg and travelling to campus by bus (approx. 20 minutes). Another option is to stay in Åsgårdstrand, and travel to campus using bus 01 (best for the introverted egov researcher, as there is not much to do there in January).

Travel to Norway: There are regular flights to Torp airport via Copenhagen. From Torp you can get to Tønsberg by bus or train. You can also fly to Oslo airport Gardermoen (more connections), and take the train from there (1h 40 min train ride).

Looking very much forward to see you in Vestfold!